Envious of Consistency

On the last day of January in 2010 Brent and I ran together for the first hour of his long run. I brought up Chris Solinsky’s season opener of 3:55.75 and simply said, “You should be envious; envious of his consistency.” Consistency in coaching, training method, in teammates and in training local. One coach for the past seven years, the same training partners for the last seven years and only two different towns. That, coupled with a low incidence of injury, gives Chris a level of consistency across all of the important running variables that lead to a fantastic performance (and yes, personally/socially he seems happy too as he’s engaged or married).

Congratulations to Chris, Jerry, the fellas and agent Tom.

PS – Want an example that the US Olympic team is the toughest team to make? Chris, a sub 27 minute 10k guy, isn’t an Olympian today but ran well in the 2008 trails. Tough team to make indeed.

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  • http://www.strengthrunning.com Jason

    US records are dropping like flies. Crazy to hear a US record holder saying things like he didn't think he could make it. Makes the elites look not so superhuman. Consistency is king – I like to say I'd rather have a year at 70/week than two months at 100.

  • karlstutelbergpt

    That is twice Galen got out kicked by Chris this year! I bet he hates looking at the back of Chris' jersey by now!

  • AndrewArmiger

    The 10,000m AR (phenomenal debut, of course) by a non-Olympian reminds me of Mark Nenow's career. I am also reminded of reading Solinsky's blog a couple of seasons ago and how he perceived that he struggled to peak well: http://www.kimbia.net/2008/07/22/so-what-now-ch

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