Good Tired vs. Bad Tired

Note: This post originally appeared March 8th as a Tip of the Week.

Running can make you feel good, even when it makes you tired. There is something special about finishing a solid workout and experiencing full body fatigue that is somehow energizing. That’s the “good tired”. But the flip side is most of us have had runs where we feel horrible from the first step and feel worse with each additional mile. That’s the “bad tired”. Distinguishing between the two is one of the keys to staying healthy and enjoying your running year after year. If you did a track workout in the morning, say 12x400m with a minute recovery, then you’re going to be tired the remainder of the day. But the next day you shouldn’t be overly tired, though muscularly you might be sore. When you’re tired day after day that’s when you need to back off in training until you feel well again. If you want to run PRs and improve, you’ll need to train seriously and on those days you’ll be tired following the workout. But if you’re tired for days at a time make sure you change course and take some easy days. “Bad tired” for too many days is never a good thing for a runner.

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  • Shane

    Awesome article Jay! I had to post this on the board for all my highschool athletes to see. thanks!