Podcast 005 – Dr. Trent Stellingwerff interview

If you run the marathon then this podcast is a must listen. Dr. Trent Stellingwerff works for the Canadian Sport Centre – Pacific and advises not only runners, but triathletes and rowers as well. He has worked with the Speed River Track and Field Club, specifically 2:10 marathoner Reed Coolsaet. A former 1:53 high school 800m runner, he is married to 4:05 1,500m runner Hillary Stellingwerff, so he knows a thing or two about middle distance running as well.

While we talk about various aspects of training and exercise physiology, no doubt anyone who wants to run the marathon well will want to listen to his suggestions on fueling for the marathon event.

Thanks for the interview Trent and no doubt we’ll have some questions from the readership…so maybe we’ll have to do another interview in the future?

As always, you can download this podcast (or subscribe) via iTunes.

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