Phil Wharton Foot and Ankle routine

This routine is fantastic for people with plantar fasciitis, shin splints and other lower leg issues. Many of you already know Phil Wharton, but if you don’t you’ll enjoy this article from Running Times. Phil and I are excited about the DVD we’ll have for sale this fall that includes this routine. The content was shot in HD and obviously much cleaner than this footage from the Boulder Running Camps which I’m sharing below.

I’ve been doing this routine myself and it’s amazing if you do the entire routine on one side, then stand up and feel the difference between the two feet. Really cool.

As always, I look forward to your questions.

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  • Will Musto

    Would you consider this a pre- or post-run routine, Jay?

  • CoachJay

    I actually like it best as a nighttime routine. Why? There is so much to do at practice that this is hard to fit in. yet if you can find 12 minutes, perhaps an hour before you go to bed, then you can get in this foot and ankle work while not sacrificing any of the other ancillary work.

    But it could be used both pre and post run…definitely a good routine any time of the day you can fit it in.

  • Becky H

    Interested in more info- found this post via twitter where you answered a question about PF. I like this routine, I think it can help- do you have any routines/exercises you would recommend to strengthen the lower leg to help overcome PF? Been suffering a year now, been to physio, had acupuncture, but nothing to address imbalances that I know are there, but no easy access to someone to diagnose specifically what is causing the issue. Suspect weak core/hips/glutes, tight hamstrings and weak lower leg muscles. Am thinking about purchasing your DVDs when the new one you mention is released this fall- do you have a date?

  • Will Musto

    Just now saw your response. Thanks for your thoughts, here. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work it into practice, this may be a good solution!

  • Dan Melcher

    In the summer of 2005 (as a collegiate hurdler) I snapped the navicular bone in my left foot. Since having a screw placed, I have been able to run…and run well. However I always have more tightness in the left food/arch/ankle joints than the right. I also notice a lot more “popping” when I wake up or begin a workout in the left ankle. I just did this routine and then tried to replicate a lot of that “popping” and found that it’s relieved slightly. Quite cool. I’m definitely going to be recommending these exercises to my high school distance squad that I coach. Thanks Phil & Jay.

    Dan Melcher
    Worthington Kilbourne HS Distance Coach
    Worthington, Ohio

  • CoachJay

    So glad you found the routines helpful. At the end of the month we’ll have our Flexibility for Runners DVD featuring Phil and it includes this routine…but it’s a HD video that was professionally shoot – looks great.

    So glad you found it helpful.

  • Matthew Nasta

    Jay- Just watched Phil’s routine. Very, very helpful and full of self-help ideas. Having worked on athletes at the Univ. of Colorado as a (physio) for 10 years, I’ve always emphasized foot/calf work and self care. People are missing the boat if they don’t take advantage of this one!! Thanks for sharing!

    Matt Nasta

  • CoachJay

    Coming from you Matt this is a great compliment. You’ll likely love the new DVD series with Phil…ready by first week of December 2012.

    Take care Matt.