Shalane Flanagan at Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Pretty cool video of Shalane Flanagan at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), one of the women who has a shot of winning today’s Boston Marathon.  Thanks to Gatorade for sending it.

Shalane underwent a series of tests at GSSI, and in the video she explains how she used the results from each test to tailor he nutritional plan to meet her specific needs when training for and racing in the Boston Marathon.

Click here to watch the video.

The carbohydrate tolerance test is my favorite section of the video and it’s an important lesson for those of you wanting to improve your marathon time.  As Dr. Trent Stellingwerff shared with me at a conference in Canada, you basically want to ingest as much carbohydrate as you can while running marathon pace…until you puke (sorry to be graphic).  When you reach that point then you know where where your unique tolerance for carbohydrate is.

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  • Namita Patel

    I’d love to know how to use this approach to tailor an athlete-specific plan to ordinary non-competitive runners, without the (expensive) fancy testing that elite athletes like Shalane have access to.

  • Mark Eichenlaub

    Thanks Jay! I think in the near future we might see this kind of technology with bloodwork and nutritional analysis brought to the masses. Wow, that’d be fantastic if you ask me. Much better use of our technological capabilities than some of the couch potato activites its currently being used for.