Sunday Morning Reads 04.21.13

Last Sunday runners sleep fitfully in Boston hotels, knowing they were going to suffer the next day so they could see how fast they could run the oldest marathon.  Rather than try to put the tragedy that came during the race into my own word, I hope you’ll take the time to read (or listen) to this interview with Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen.  Cullen says of Bostonians:

We are a belligerent people. We love to argue. We love to fight. There is – you know, we only care about three things in this town: sports, politics and revenge.  And the revenge will be the laughter of our children. We are not going anywhere.

I’m stuck on Boston, even though this is London Marathon day.  Here is a great profile of Bill Squires, coach of Bill Rodgers and Greg Meyer (the last American to win Boston), written by Scott Douglas.

Another long piece, but one that is definitely worth reading.  Kenny Moore writes about Mamo Wolde.  I love Moore, the best writer who ran fast; forth in the Olympics Marathon in 1972.  If you have time, you’ve gotta read this one.  People are running a marathon in London, so the least you can do is read a long well written article…right?

That’s it for this week.  I hope you have time to read, but if not, I plan to be back next week with more Sunday Morning Reads.

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  • Matt Ball

    Wow — Kenny’s bit on Wolde is great! Thanks for passing that along, Jay!

  • Noel Chavez

    I’ve always been a fan of Kenny Moore’s writing but hadn’t ever read this account of his efforts toward Wolde’s release. Great Sunday read! Thanks for the link.
    Funny how another U.S. 4th place Olympic marathoner is also a great writer, Don Kardong.