Sunday Morning Ready 04.28.14

Sundays for me as a runner were binary. You either showed up at 8:00 am at the buffalo, or you didn’t. You drove to one of three places to run 20 miles. 1-2 miles into the run you either committed or you didn’t. Again, binary.

The binary choices for you the reader are much easier. If you have time to read today, great. If not, no worries. Your Vo2max will likely not be impacted.

You should read/listen to this one. Cameron Lyle, bone marrow donner and thrower. As Scott Simon (a favorite of mine) said, “In some ways, many of the truly important decisions in life are clear, if not exactly easy. You don’t have to figure the odds or throw out the list of pros and cons so much as open your heart and listen.”

Lighter reading. Lopez Lomong runs faster when Phil Wharton works on him before a race. That’s why Lopez calls him “Dr. Phil.”

I’m reading “RUN: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel” by Matt Fitgerald and loving it.. A favorite article of mine that he penned is on lactate.

…hope to be back next week, God willing…

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  • Mark Eichenlaub

    Good links Jay. I like how you are doing this on Sundays now…or were you always?

  • Matt Ball

    Jay, have you ever podcasted with M Fitzgerald? I just put his “Iron War” on reserve at the library (they don’t have “RUN”).

  • Sam Grant

    A podcast with Matt Fitzgerald would be great. One of the best running writers out there and very knowledgeable.

  • CoachJay

    RUN is fantastic. Would love to chance to have him on the podcast.

  • Dave chanter

    Hey jay recovering from a heart attack using the GS routine to help me back to fitness and hopefully running

  • CoachJay

    Best of luck Dave. Be safe.

  • CoachJay
  • CoachJay

    Got it – see above