Podcast 014 – Mike Blackmore

Mike Blackmore has a diverse profile in our sport. He ran at the University of Oregon and went on to run 13:37 for 5,000m. His is the cross country coach at Lane Community College in Eugene, he’s a massage therapist and he’s also a key member of the staff that constructs the Nike Cross Nationals course.

All of that being said, the focus of our discussion is on his Masters running accomplishments. Last year he ran 15:16 as a 50 year-old, setting an American record.

In this podcast he discusses his training and the things he’s learned along the way.

If you’re over thirty then you need to listen to this podcast for some great advice about how to listen to your body and how to stay healthy as you age.

As always, you can listen to this podcast via iTunes.

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  • Travis Floeck

    I stayed up an hour past my bedtime to listen to this, because I was excited to hear one of my good friends on one of my favorite resources online. It was truly neat to listen to Mike talk about his renaissance with running. I’ve been on a lot of runs with Mike during the first part of his return to competitive running, I even remember when he did a 600m test effort in Eugene I think 5 years ago and I paced him to a 1:38 or so I believe, he had taken on a bet of racing a colleague and was preparing. I thought that might have been the seed that was planted in getting his competitive juices flowing again, would have been interesting to hear what his true motivations were for giving it another shot.

    Another fun memory was about 10 years ago up at Steens Mountain Running Camp I was running along a dirt road at just under 8,000 feet of elevation with Mike and we were running at a really good clip. I looked over and he had one of the most efficient strides I had ever seen and he looked so comfortable. I asked him if he had been doing much running prior to camp. He replied “nope, haven’t ran in a few years…..but I do a lot walking.” I was amazed and disgusted at the same time that someone could be so talented.

    Thanks for the podcast Jay!

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.ball.710 Matt Ball

    Downloading now, but I don’t know I want to listen, given that I’d be lucky to run 15:16 for two miles….

  • Mike Blackmore

    I think Travis forgets that we had to stop and walk a bit, as my heart rate was up to 185 while we ran downhill…

  • Travis Floeck

    Ha, I don’t remember that Mike.

  • http://coachjayjohnson.com CoachJay

    Great podcast Mike. Really enjoyed all of your insights and I wish you the best in your upcoming races.