Sunday Morning Reads 06.16.13

Happy Father’s Day!

I love being a father. The highlight of last week was taking my 4 1/2 year-old camping. She was awesome.  When asked what her favorite part of camping was, she replied “Everything!”  We both decided that when her 19 month old sister is 2 1/2 next summer that she’ll be ready to go too.

Here’s a story that’s just bananas.

Here is some advice from five legendary coaches.

On a more serious note is this story from Cindy Kuzma about this year’s Boston Marathon.

Finally, this story about research that shows the running made the human brain bigger.

Have a great Sunday.

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  • Jeremy

    Love this blog. Lunge matrixing and Wharton routines have helped me a ton.

    Few notes from this weeks reads:
    1. Bananas + video games= awesome. Add almond butter and almond milk and I can kill an entire afternoon.
    2. Easing into the hills is key. One of the biggest keys for 100 milers.
    3. Someday, I will run the Boston Marathon. No punchline there. I’m doing it.

    4. I’ve been running so much that my brain barely fits in my skull.

  • CoachJay

    Thanks Jeremy. if you run some 100 miles than you no doubt can run well at Boston. Just make sure to do the specificity needed to run the pace your capable of. Thanks again for the comment.

  • M Ball

    > When asked what her favorite part of camping was, she replied “Everything!”


  • Martin

    Excellent (and of course, amusing) story about the bananas. Would I as a distance runner benefit from banana binge in the same way Blake claims to? Can see why potassium would be so valuable to the sprinters as (well as far as I understand) it helps muscle fibre recruitment so would lower the risk of muscle tears in those of a fast twitch persuasion. Also, I’m sure I read somewhere that you should only have 2-3 bananas and week. Is this true do we know? Can you ‘banana overdose?’ Mr should I go stock up? :)

  • Cindy Kuzma

    A belated happy Father’s Day! Thanks so much for the link to my Boston
    article. I’m a huge fan of yours and am honored that you mentioned it.

    Also, I thought *I* had a banana problem, but now I feel reassured that my
    behavior is totally normal!