Are you a coach? Then read Vern Gambetta’s blog and his books.

This is a simple post.  If you want to become a better coach I propose you do two things.  First, I suggest you read Vern Gambetta’s blog and second, that you read his book, Athletic Development.  Do those two things and you will be challenged as a coach, you will grow as a coach and you will learn from a unique coaching mind.

Vern is working on a new book and I can’t wait to read it.

The following video made me think of Vern and my guess is this video captures much of his journey as a coach, from the lessons he learned as a decathlete, to his position now as world-traveling coach to teams in a variety of sports. His ability to synthesize concepts is a gift to all coaches and I’m lucky that he answers my phone calls.

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  • thomas_t

    Enjoyed the video and am a fan of Vern despite him making my head hurt at times. One of Vern’s ideas I really like is the International Coaches’ House he took part in the Olympics. I think that one of the biggest downfalls of most coaching clinics are that they don’t create the Enlightenment Coffeehouse or Parisian Salon environment. There is a one way flow of information–from the top (lecturer) down rather than “creating a space where ideas can mingle and swap and change forms.”

    I think it would be cool to attend a coaching workshop where you could problem solve with peers and create the networks that cause “chance to favor the connected mind” opposed to just being lectured at. Not that there’s anything wrong with that:) Getting lectured at by Vern and Joe Vigil this past winter was amazing and I’m sure your clinic will be amazing too! And to be fair, a lot of participants just what to sit there and hear the “Gospel According to X” and get the CEU’s they need to maintain their license/certificate/etc. My .02.

  • CoachJay

    One of the things I’m really looking forward to about the is that we will have a social that night. Informal and a time to talk to others about training. I agree – there need to be more of a “Parisain Salon” experience. Maybe we will devote more time to that in the future.

  • thomas_t

    While maybe not a Parisian Salon, per se, I imagine that a Boulderian (Boulderite? Boulderino? Boulderan?) tavern could also provide an excellent stimulus for the free flowing exchange of ideas:)