Rest and Restlessness

The timing of this post doesn’t fit most readers.  It’s the second week of August and that means high school coaches and athletes are starting the cross country season while marathoners are in full training for their fall marathon.  But for elite athletes finishing a summer racing season, this post is timely.

I want athletes to rest after their season is over.  Go hike, go bike, take naps, read books, surf the web, what ever the heck you want to do.  Forget you’re a runner.  Forget you love to train and love to race.

Rest until you’re restless, until you’re bored.  Then wait a week, because only then are you ready to resume training.

Don’t start training when you think you’re ready, but rather wait until you’re amped to get your butt kicked for a month as the first 4-5 weeks of fall training are going to be brutal (assuming you’ll start where you left off with your General Strength and Mobility while you slowly get back into your high level aerobic work).

Rest until you’re restless.

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  • thomas

    “Board” should be “bored”, I presume. (Sorry, cannot resist, feel free to remove this comment after fixing.)

  • Anonymous

    I think that should be “a board.” It’s a reference to wood.

  • CoachJay

    Thanks – fixed. Obviously I need an editor. That’ll be a priority this fall.

  • Ryan It’s T-Time Tripicchio

    When I talk to Jim MacNider or listen to Greg McMillan they seem to advocate a day off for every mile the race was. I like the idea of running if you want to in that period but nothing of a workout nature. Its mainly just easy pace stuff. This way a little bit of activity gets the blood flowing which aids in recovery.

  • Mark Eichenlaub

    This is VERY timely for me Jay. I have decided to add planned time off to my google calendar at least 2 times per year every year so that I don’t think about it, it just automatically pops up on my phone and won’t go away until I go along with it.