Short Running Gossary

Here is a short glossary of terms of I use when helping athletes and coaches.  I had a nice suggestion from a reader that I should do a full glossary and I hope to get that done in the coming months.  For now, here is the short version.

Lunge Matrix (LM).  Warm-up that gets you moving in all three planes of motion.  Should be done before every run, before every workout and before every long run.

Active Isolated Flexibility (AIF).  Should be done daily.  A must do, not a nice to do.  This approach to flexibility is the best way to insure injury-free running.  Thanks to Phil Wharton for teaching it to me.

Eight Week General Strength progression (EWGS).  If you follow this progression you will be stronger after eight weeks.  And you will be able to handle more miles and more intense workouts.  Simple.  Do this progression and you will become a better runner.

General Strength and Mobility (GSM).  This is related to the above.  General Strength exercises could include routines like Core X and this progression for athletes, as well as easy routines like Myrtl.

Speed Development.  You can read this article and then watch this video to learn about speed development workouts.  Great way to improve Running Economy (RE).

That’s it for now.  Looking forward to a more robust glossary this summer.



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