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Note about the Stop Doing posts.

My copy of Jim Collins’s book Good to Great is marked up – in three different colors of ink – and is easily one of the 10 most influential books in my life. One of the small gems in the book is the idea of a “Stop Doing List.” Obviously he’s flipping the concept of a “To Do List” on it’s head, but more importantly, he’s doing the life design equivalent of what Michelangelo did with his David sculpture. Legend has it that when an admirer asked Michelangelo how he made such a magnificent sculpture, he replied, “David was always there in the marble. I just took away everything that was not David.”

I like the concept of a Stop Doing list and so far I like the posts I’ve written encouraging you to Stop Doing certain things.  I hope you do as well.

You’re surrounded on the web with information about what to do to improve your running.  Hopefully a Stop Doing list helps you define the Need to Do vs. the Nice to Do.  Thanks to Vern Gambetta for sharing the Need to Do vs. Nice to Do concept via his exceptional blog.   I try to use  this concept to guide my coaching.

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    Got a good criticism via Facebook. I appreciate the feedback. Here it is.