Sometimes life gets in the way of running

I’m proud of the content that is going to runners and coaches via the newsletter.  Today’s newsletter shared five different running workouts that can be used to keep aerobic training in the training recipe during the racing season.

Below is the first part of the newsletter from two weeks ago.  This newsletter resonated with many runners and I got some very nice feedback, so I thought I would share part of it with.

Sometimes life gets in the way of doing the training that you want to do.  Your job is demanding and you have to work late.  You have a significant other whose job is demanding, and they need to vent about it.  You have children.  Maybe you have all three of these.  Obviously there are countless other examples, but you get the point.

Here’s the deal: when life gets hard, you need to be honest about the fact that you have a finite amount of energy and you might not be able to train at the level you want to.  I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.  Finite, not infinite.

When I see clients try to grind through their training schedule when life takes away sleep and energy and a general sense of normalcy, I do my best to talk them into a day off, or at least couple of easy days with strides.  I understand that they need to get in a run to stay sane, but I’m asking that they don’t do a workout to advance their fitness. Easy running, or no running.  That’s it.  They can run, but no workouts and no long runs. Be honest about where your energy level is.  If it’s much below normal, then be kind to yourself and go easy.

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I will continue to share content on the blog and I hope you find it useful.  But I’m going to put more effort each week into the newsletter.

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Thank you.

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