2014 CCCAT Clinic – Elements for Sound High School Distance Running

I’m looking forward to speaking at the 2014 CCCTA cross-country coaches clinic in Austin, TX.  Here are my slides for the clinic, as well as links that I think are important.  Always great to visit Austin!



Progression of Strength (i.e. what you do before you go to the weight room) – click here.

High School Running Coach – Greg Weich’s June, July, August plan: click here.

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  • Coach Smith

    Your session at the CCCAT clinic was very entertaining as well as informative. It helps reaffirm that I’m headed in the direction as a coach. We have limited availability in the weight room and these exercises are perfect ways to increase strength and flexibility for our runners

  • SoCal Youth Coach

    Coach Jay – Can you tell me the difference in what you are trying to achieve with AIS vs traditional static stretching? Or, why do you advocate AIS as opposed to traditional static stretching – how do the results differ?

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