Podcast 028 – Amy Feit

Amy Feit is an athlete I coach online.  She lives in Minnesota and as you’ll hear in the interview, she runs in some harsh conditions much of the year.  She has bought in to the idea of non-running activities as a way to stay healthy and run faster.  She has moved past the Eight Week General Strength progression and now does medicine ball and kettlebell work.

Amy is a joy to work with and I’m lucky to have her on the podcast.

You can listen below or you can listen via iTunes.  And leave a review of the podcast as that’s a great help to me.  Thanks!

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  • Steve

    Thanks for the great insight. It really reinforces what I have been telling my teams about GS work.

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  • http://coachjayjohnson.com CoachJay

    Great Steve – Amy does a great job with the non-running work and she’s staying healthy and running faster.

  • http://coachjayjohnson.com CoachJay

    If you listen to the podcast and like it, please rate it in iTunes. Thanks!

  • Wes Ward

    I’ve looked on iTunes for the podcast but it doesn’t appear to be there with all of your others. The last that was posted there was #27. I just started listening to your podcasts and really wish I took detailed notes over what I’ve listened to! (Ihmels, Wharton, Gambetta, Magness) I love the work you’re doing!

  • ageetee

    FYI – As of 7/18, podcast #28 not on iTunes.

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