Run Faster Podcast 001 – Jorge Torres

Jorge Torres joins me for the first episode of the Run Faster Podcast.

Jorge won the Footlocker Cross Country Championship in 1998 as a high school athlete and went on to the win the NCAA Division I Championship in 2002 as a collegiate athlete. Only five men have won both championships (Bob Kennedy, Adam Goucher, Dathan Ritzenhein and Edward Cheserek being the other four).

I got to know Jorge during my time as an assistant coach at the University of Colorado where he was an athlete. I’m fortunate to count Jorge as a friend and, as you’ll hear in this interview, he’s both serious and playful, a mixture that I believe helped him take his training seriously when he had to, but also allowed him to relax when it was time to rest.

Thanks, Jorge, for your time and for a great interview.  Listen below or go to the iTunes page.  If you like the show, please leave a review on the iTunes page.  Thanks!


Run Faster Podcast

I want to share my new podcast, the Run Faster Podcast,with you. This podcast will be a bit more focused than my previous effort, the Coach Jay Johnson Podcast.

Each week I will do my best to give information designed to help you run faster. At the end of each episode I pose a simple question to each guest: “What do you think runners need to do to run faster?”

The first four guests are fantastic. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing four of the five men who won the High School National Cross Country Championship and NCAA Division I Cross Country Championship . Those men are Bob Kennedy, Adam Goucher, Jorge Torres and Dathan Ritzenhein. Oregon’s Edward Cheserek is the fifth man in this elite group and perhaps in the future he and I can chat on the podcast.

The first interview is with Jorge Torres and the second interview is with Dathan Ritzenhein.  Bob Kennedy follows, then Adam Goucher, my roommate in the dorms our freshman year at the University of Colorado, rounds out the first four interviews.

I hope you will take the time to listen to these interviews. You can find them on iTunes at this link, or you can simply search “Run Faster Podcast.”

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the Run Faster Podcast.

Podcast 030 – Phil Wharton on Marathon Recovery, Part 2

Here is part 2 of my interview with Phil Wharton on marathon recovery.

It’s great to hear his story about how he recovered from the three times he ran 2:23 for the marathon.

Make sure to check out the Wharton Post-Marathon Recovery Plan that Phil and Jim Wharton have shared with us. Click here to download the PDF.

The plan utilizes Active Isolated Flexibility, which Phil and Jim have brought to the running world.

From today through next Tuesday, October 21st, you can use the code “october15″ to get 15% off Flexibility for Runners and the Strengthening for Runners videos from (see introduction to the videos below).

Click here to download the audio. Or you can listen to the podcast via iTunes.

Podcast 028 – Amy Feit

Amy Feit is an athlete I coach online.  She lives in Minnesota and as you’ll hear in the interview, she runs in some harsh conditions much of the year.  She has bought in to the idea of non-running activities as a way to stay healthy and run faster.  She has moved past the Eight Week General Strength progression and now does medicine ball and kettlebell work.

Amy is a joy to work with and I’m lucky to have her on the podcast.

You can listen below or you can listen via iTunes.  And leave a review of the podcast as that’s a great help to me.  Thanks!

Podcast 027 – Tom Reese and Adam Batliner

Tom Reese and Adam Batliner are not only two great friends of mine (groomsmen in our wedding) but two runners who battled in high school against each other and then worked together as teammates at the University of Colorado.

In this short 30-minute podcast they talk about the 1,600m they ran their senior year, where they went 1-2, running 4:14 and 4:15 (which would be 4:09 and 4:10 at sea-level).  Then they talk about their experience running the steeplechase at CU.  Adam was third in the NCAA his last two years at CU and Tom was forth, just behind Adam, his last year at CU.  Noteworthy is that back in 1994 these guys run just 30-40 miles a week.  You’ll have to listen to Tom’s answer to the question, “What were your two longest runs in high school?”

So much fun to have friends on the podcast.  Enjoy.

…oh, and as always, you can get this podcast via iTunes.

Podcast 021 – Dr. Richard Hansen

We’ve had Dr. Hansen on the podcast before and I’m excited to have him back.  He does a great job with his high school athletes at Peak to Peak High School, where he coaches both boys and girls.  His chiropractic clinic in Boulder, High Altitude Spine and Sport, is utilized by many of the best endurance athletes in Boulder, due to Dr. Hansen’s care and the efficacy of his work.

We cover a variety of topics in this podcast.  Thanks for listening.  As always, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Podcast 019 – Rory Fraser on Nike, running and books

Rory Fraser is a 13:24 5k runner who ran that time while holding down a demanding job with Nike.  In this video he discuses the club system in the UK, as well as his favorite book, The Perfect Distance.  We were fortunate to have Rory with us at the Boulder Running Camps this summer – he did a great job representing the brand and bonding with the campers.