Recruiting: The Neapolitan option does not exist

Yesterday I spoke with a NCAA division I coach who shared the story of a recruit who was struggling to make a decision.  The recruit wanted the academics of one school, the warm weather of another school and the coaching expertise found at a third school.

Wouldn’t that be nice.  Combine the best aspects of three different schools that are recruiting you and combine them into a Neapolitan ice cream type school.

Problem is you can’t do that.  And this is where it gets tough.  Do you go with the prestigious education, knowing that you probably won’t run as fast?  Do you go to the warm weather school, knowing that not only won’t you run fast but you also won’t have the prestigious diploma after four or five years?  Do you go to the school where you will run the fastest and have the best chance of becoming an All-American, something you’ve dreamed of, yet get an education that is not prestigious? [Read more…]

High school recruiting question

I received the following email from a high school coach who is looking for some recruiting advice for a young woman he coaches.

We have a junior girl who is pretty good and is interested in going on and running at the collegiate level. We have started to gather info to help guide her in her decision, but at times are overwhelmed or don’t know what to do/suggest. There are some things we have done; talked about the clearinghouse, visitations to colleges, grades, tests scores, her academic focus. So I guess I am asking what are some important topics/ideas that need to be looked at in this involved process that you would do with an athlete in this position? [Read more…]

Recruiting – Men’s track and field scholarships

Alan Versaw, girls coach at The Classical Academy, and Colorado editor of, have collaborated on a series of posts dedicated to the college recruiting process, with this being the last installment of the series. Alan’s comments are below, then my comments follow and are in italics.

As we move from women’s scholarships to men’s, it bears repeating that these are two completely different worlds. A large number of young women can transition directly from high school cross country/track and field into the college arena with an athletic scholarship in hand. Very few young men get that opportunity. [Read more…]

Recruiting – Women’s Track and Field Scholarships

Alan Versaw, girls coach at The Classical Academy, and Colorado editor of, have collaborated on a series of posts dedicated to the college recruiting process. The first and second installment focus on what questions to ask the high school coach, while the third installment is Alan’s extremely helpful scholarship primer. The post below starts with Alan’s comments and ends with my comments, which are in italics.

What considerations are unique to the world of women’s track and field scholarships?

Having discussed track and field scholarships in general in the last in the previous installment, we now turn our attention to the topic of women’s track and field scholarships. [Read more…]