Podcast 027 – John O’Malley

Coach O’Malley, in my humble opinion, is one of the best HS coaches in the country. This podcast is a collection of excerpts from High School Running Coach.

There is a metric I have for coaches and it’s very simple. Would I want my daughters coached by _____ coach? Coach O’Malley is on the list.

Thanks Coach O’Malley for your time in both the interview and your sharing meticulous documents and training plans on High School Running Coach.

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Supplemental Work For Runners

This is a long-ish post.  This post contains all of the information and links that I shared at a clinic presentation I gave at the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2015.  I was so lucky to spend time with the coaching staff and learn from them during my stay, which is one of the great things about being a track coach – you can always learn from your peers.

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Podcast 016 – Dr. Jeff Messer (rebroadcast)

This second interview with Dr. Messer is a rebroadcast of his interview with me for High School Running Coach.

Dr. Messer is widely considered one of the best high school distance coaches in the country and in this interview he discusses in detail his training for the Desert Vista (AZ) girls team that he coaches.

Dr. Messer is a special individual and a unique mind in the world of running, he’s a friend and I’m lucky to know him.

If you are interested in learning from other great high school coaches like Dr. Messer, visit HighSchoolRunningCoach.com and consider becoming a member.  If you would like to read a transcript of this interview click here.

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Podcast 015 – Dr. Jeff Messer (rebroadcast)

Dr. Jeff Messer is both a high school coach and an exercise physiologist.  He is widely recognized as one of the best high school coaches in the country.

This interview is a rebroadcast of an interview between myself and Dr. Messer from my old CoachJayJohnson.com podcast.  At the time of that recording Dr. Messer was coaching at Xavier College Prep; he now coaches at Desert Vista, both in the Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Messer has presented at the Boulder Running Clinics.  You can watch excerpts from his presentations for free on YouTube (this video in ice baths is good) or you can purchase the entire presentation – both video and audio files – at BoulderRunningClinics.com.

Jeff is a fantastic human and I’m lucky to count him as a friend.  I hope you enjoy listening to the interview as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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Balance running training with a busy work schedule

I just had an online client finish several weeks of intense business work, putting in long days and having little time for sleep.  He was able to train during this time, but looking back on it, I probably should have lowered his running load.

Now he has a much lighter schedule.  It’s by no means an easy work schedule, but nothing like the previous weeks.

I’m sharing this because I’ve asked him to go easy this first week.  His brain needs a break, even though his workload has gone from crazy to normal.  Your brain has to be fresh before you can train.  If your brain isn’t ready to go and you’re trying to run solid volume with good workouts and long runs, you’ll be able to do it for a few weeks, but then you’ll have issues.  You could get sick, you could have a little injury flare-up or you could simply start to feel flat in training.

What does this look like in terms of training?   [Read more…]


Simple concept.

Better to be under-trained and fresh, than to be over-trained and drained.  A runner who is rested and energetic will race faster than a runner who has put in more miles and/or more intense training, but is tired in the days leading up to the race.  Again, simple concept, but an important one for both coaches and athletes.

Related is the topic of burnout.  Here is my good friend Patrick Wales-Dinan talking about burnout in high school runners.


Should Runners Static Stretch?

Static Stretching has been a staple of running training for several decades. But is static stretching good runners?

This is an excerpt from Dr. Jeff Messer‘s presentation “Endurance Training: Current Science and Application to Program Design” from the 08.03.13 Boulder Running Clinic.  I think this is a great example of someone like Dr. Messer taking a closer look at a published paper to see if the findings of the paper actually apply to runners.  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

All of the videos from the 08.03.13 clinic will be available later this month at BoulderRunningClinics.com.