Core X

I’m excited to share Core X with you.  The changes from Core H are simple.  Core X is half as long – 5 minutes rather than 10 minutes – and no crunches.  I trust Dr. Hansen’s opinion on core strength; at the 3:02 mark of this video he talks about why he doesn’t like crunches.  This routine and short and sweet, but still challenging.  Enjoy!


Should Runners Static Stretch?

Static Stretching has been a staple of running training for several decades. But is static stretching good runners?

This is an excerpt from Dr. Jeff Messer‘s presentation “Endurance Training: Current Science and Application to Program Design” from the 08.03.13 Boulder Running Clinic.  I think this is a great example of someone like Dr. Messer taking a closer look at a published paper to see if the findings of the paper actually apply to runners.  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

All of the videos from the 08.03.13 clinic will be available later this month at

Should you take an Ice Bath?

I’m fortunate to know Dr. Jeff Messer.  He’s a great coach and a unique mind in the running world.  Here are his thoughts on ice baths for runners from his presentation, “Endurance Training: Current Science and Application to Program Design” which he presented at the August 3rd, 2013, Boulder Running Clinics event.  Dr.  Messer’s full presentation, along with five other presentations, will be available for sale later this month at

Saturday Morning Videos – 02.15.14

The first video from Flotrack – CU Long Run at Gold Hill.  Thought this would be appropriate as the USATF XC Championships are in Boulder today.

This run is typically an out and back and if I remember correctly it’s 17.0 or 17.5 miles.  There is a 20 mile loop that takes you through Ward, then south on the Peak to Peak highway, then back on the road to Gold Hill. I did it a couple of times. Definitely the craziest 20 milers of my life due to topography and elevation.

Related – if you’re looking for some music this morning, listen to Uncle Jeff’s latest show on KGNU.  He’s a Gold Hill resident and a man full of mountain man wisdom.