Saturday Morning Videos – 02.15.14

The first video from Flotrack – CU Long Run at Gold Hill.  Thought this would be appropriate as the USATF XC Championships are in Boulder today.

This run is typically an out and back and if I remember correctly it’s 17.0 or 17.5 miles.  There is a 20 mile loop that takes you through Ward, then south on the Peak to Peak highway, then back on the road to Gold Hill. I did it a couple of times. Definitely the craziest 20 milers of my life due to topography and elevation.

Related – if you’re looking for some music this morning, listen to Uncle Jeff’s latest show on KGNU.  He’s a Gold Hill resident and a man full of mountain man wisdom.

Podcast 021 – Dr. Richard Hansen

We’ve had Dr. Hansen on the podcast before and I’m excited to have him back.  He does a great job with his high school athletes at Peak to Peak High School, where he coaches both boys and girls.  His chiropractic clinic in Boulder, High Altitude Spine and Sport, is utilized by many of the best endurance athletes in Boulder, due to Dr. Hansen’s care and the efficacy of his work.

We cover a variety of topics in this podcast.  Thanks for listening.  As always, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Podcast 019 – Rory Fraser on Nike, running and books

Rory Fraser is a 13:24 5k runner who ran that time while holding down a demanding job with Nike.  In this video he discuses the club system in the UK, as well as his favorite book, The Perfect Distance.  We were fortunate to have Rory with us at the Boulder Running Camps this summer – he did a great job representing the brand and bonding with the campers.

Podcast 018 – Adam Kedge on Team Culture

In this video Adam Kedge of Albuquerque Academy talks about building a team culture.  Adam has been named the national cross country coach of the year and his boys team his finished third at the Nike Cross Nationals.  If you have time, check out this article Adam wrote two years ago on advice he would give a new high school coach.

Podcast 17 – Patrick Wales-Dinan on Burnout

Patrick Wales-Dinan is an integral part of the Boulder Running Camps, during which this video was shot.  He’s the distance coach at Long Beach State (NCAA Division I) and he has also coached at Duke and Williams College (NCAA Division III).  In this video Patrick shares his thoughts on burnout, an important topic for serious high school runners as well as adult runners.