Hi. I’m Jay. I coach runners and I run a bit myself. This blog is always about running and often it’s specifically about coaching runners, something that has never been work for me, but rather an avocation that I’m trying to make a full time job.

I want comments on this site and I encourage you to write in the comments section available below each post. I can’t promise I will answer every comment, but I can promise you that I’ll read your thought and no doubt others will as well. You need to provide a valid email when commenting; ideally you’d provide your real name, but that’s up to you. No anonymous comments. If this is the first time you’ve come to the blog and you want to comment, please do. The flip side is that you may want to read some older posts to get a feel for the content and how you can use it in your running and/or coaching.

Finally, you can reach me at if you have something to discuss that you think we should create a post for.