Feeling good, being uncomfortable and suffering

To me, the three choices a runner has when running a race or a hard workout is to feel good, be uncomfortable or suffer.

You can’t suffer in every workout or you’ll either get hurt or start the process of overtraining.  But don’t deceive yourself when it comes to races – you’re going to suffer if the goal is to run to your fitness level.  You might feel good through 3k of a 5k, but the next 1k is going to be tough and that last 1k you’ll suffer…if you run to your fitness level.

Learning to run fast when you’re uncomfortable is a skill that takes time, but it’s an essential skill if you want to reach your potential as a runner. [Read more…]

General Strength for Young Track Athletes

I received the following comment on facebook after posting a video of a very challenging General Strength routine called Core H (video).

Great core work out. How much recovery time should a 15 year old take between workouts? The 15 year old has been training 6 days a week with his high school cross country team. He is not as advanced as the athlete on the video. His mile time is 6 minutes. Is she doing core work every day? Does your DVD have information on scheduling work outs to prevent over training?

The type of high school athlete described here should not be doing Core H, but rather should follow the Eight Week General Strength progression that I wrote for Running Times.  It’s easy to follow – it’s broken into Hard Days and Easy Days, and is grouped into two week segments. [Read more…]

Renee and 2010

Tonight Renee Metivier Baillie will run 15 laps around a 200m track (elevation 5,300 ft.) at the 2010 USATF Indoor Championships. She may win, she may get dead last – heck, she may even DNF – but regardless of the outcome I am confident that 2010 is going to be a solid year for her. This is simply one race of many and while I sincerely hope she races great and has a “break out race” all I really care about is that she competes. But tonight’s race isn’t just one day in 2010 and if you have a moment I’ll share how I view tonight’s race in the context of Renee’s career.

2010 is just two months old, yet she’s already had a nice year. [Read more…]