General Strength for Young Track Athletes

I received the following comment on facebook after posting a video of a very challenging General Strength routine called Core H (video).

Great core work out. How much recovery time should a 15 year old take between workouts? The 15 year old has been training 6 days a week with his high school cross country team. He is not as advanced as the athlete on the video. His mile time is 6 minutes. Is she doing core work every day? Does your DVD have information on scheduling work outs to prevent over training?

The type of high school athlete described here should not be doing Core H, but rather should follow the Eight Week General Strength progression that I wrote for Running Times.  It’s easy to follow – it’s broken into Hard Days and Easy Days, and is grouped into two week segments. [Read more…]

Mailbag 006

Thanks to John for these questions as they’re both simple, yet I’ve not addressed either of them on the site – at least not directly. His questions in italics, my responses follow.

Hi Jay,

I will try to make this short and concise. I have two brief questions that both stem from listening to Michael Smith’s interview on the Canadian webpage…great interview by the way. Anyway, here are my questions.

1) Coach Smith talked about testing (Overhead Shot toss, Chu Box Jumps, Squat, Clean, 30 Fly, etc) done with athletes to check improvements throughout the year and also to see where their strengths and weaknesses are. My question is this: Do you do similar testing with your athletes? [Read more…]