Sunday Morning Reads – 05.12.13

First, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers reading this.

The high school and college track seasons are winding down. Here is a quick article about how long it takes to watch (and compete in) a track meet. Hopefully the state track meet in your area has a enough volunteers that it moves quicker than all of the meets leading up to it.

Have you ever thought of cutting a course and faking your race time? This article from the New Yorker is one of my favorite running articles in the past twelve months, even if it makes you sick that someone would do this. Long article but well worth your time.

A couple short training articles I’ve written. Some general running tips and three training questions answered.

Finally, this blog post by Macklin Chaffee, a miler I coach, is a detailed account of his third place finish at the Medronic TC 1 mile (a road mile) this week. Macklin was not very physically strong when we started working together this spring. He is fired up to get into the weight room, but we’ll wait until the fall to do that as we still have gains to make in terms of General Strength and Mobility (GSM) (article and article). Here is Alberto talking about how weak Mo Farah was when they started working together.

Have a great Sunday.

Sunday Morning Reads 05.05.13

Good morning. Hope you’re well.

The first read is from Steve Magness. If you don’t understand the importance of stress and your training then you don’t fully understand training theory. It’s a great read.

Here is an article I wrote on mileage. Reader’s Digest version: The more the better, yet most working adults have a ceiling for the work they can do.

I’m about done with Matt Fitzegerlad‘s book “Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel” and I’ve loved every minute of it. Great read. Here is a great article by Matt on Pose Running and Chi Running and other topics. He’s fantastic…I think we need to do a podcast with him.

Final read this week is the blog of Macklin Chaffee, a 1,500m runner I coach. I like him, he’s talented and he’s working hard to become a better runner. He broke the 3:40 barrier (barley) this past weekend at Stanford. I feel confident that he can run faster as we’ve done very little race specificity work. He will enjoy some down time at sea-level, race a road race, then come back to Boulder for some serious training.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Sunday.