Podcast 013 – Mike Smith Interview

Mike Smith is a good friend and one of the biggest influences on my coaching.  Obviously you can go straight to the podcast and learn from him, but you might want to read this article he wrote for USATF on the concept of Building a Better Runner first, an article I’ve read and re-read many times.

He has worked with Olympians, NCAA DI Champions and NCAA DI record holders.  He also is one of the current instructors for USATF Level II Endurance.

Mike is the brains behind the Building a Better Runner series from RunningDVDs.com.

As always, you can listen to this podcast via iTunes.

Renee and 2010

Tonight Renee Metivier Baillie will run 15 laps around a 200m track (elevation 5,300 ft.) at the 2010 USATF Indoor Championships. She may win, she may get dead last – heck, she may even DNF – but regardless of the outcome I am confident that 2010 is going to be a solid year for her. This is simply one race of many and while I sincerely hope she races great and has a “break out race” all I really care about is that she competes. But tonight’s race isn’t just one day in 2010 and if you have a moment I’ll share how I view tonight’s race in the context of Renee’s career.

2010 is just two months old, yet she’s already had a nice year. [Read more…]

Mailbag 005

This question was sent to me via RunningTimes regarding the General Strength series I produced for them this summer.

I just finished a great 6 months of training involving 2 half marathons and a marathon. I was injury free for the whole time. After my marathon though I suffered knee pain on the front part of my legs, slightly below my knee-caps and to either side. The area was tender to touch and to walk on immediately after the race and the day afterward. I feel this could be avoided with strength training. I am a little nervous to start training again as I don’t want to irritate my knees any further. [Read more…]

Aerobic Work Warm-Up

I received the following question from a high school coach via email.

“I was watching the video on Aerobic Work Warm Up and I want to make sure that I got this correct. You would use this warm up for a workout that was sub lactate threshold but faster than an easy run? For example a tempo workout or cruise miles?”

Good question…and the short answer is yes. The long answer is that [Read more…]

Training Video – Atacama Sand Routine

The idea that you would do plyometrics in the sand was foreign to me before Mike had athletes demonstrate these sand routines for our second DVD.  The idea is simply that plyometrics, in the most simple terms, are any activity that has a quick coupling of eccentric and concentric contraction…which makes sprinting arguable the most intense plyometric activity a distance runner would ever undertake. Take a look at the Atacama routine.

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