Recruiting: The Neapolitan option does not exist

Yesterday I spoke with a NCAA division I coach who shared the story of a recruit who was struggling to make a decision.  The recruit wanted the academics of one school, the warm weather of another school and the coaching expertise found at a third school.

Wouldn’t that be nice.  Combine the best aspects of three different schools that are recruiting you and combine them into a Neapolitan ice cream type school.

Problem is you can’t do that.  And this is where it gets tough.  Do you go with the prestigious education, knowing that you probably won’t run as fast?  Do you go to the warm weather school, knowing that not only won’t you run fast but you also won’t have the prestigious diploma after four or five years?  Do you go to the school where you will run the fastest and have the best chance of becoming an All-American, something you’ve dreamed of, yet get an education that is not prestigious? [Read more…]