General Strength for Young Track Athletes

I received the following comment on facebook after posting a video of a very challenging General Strength routine called Core H (video).

Great core work out. How much recovery time should a 15 year old take between workouts? The 15 year old has been training 6 days a week with his high school cross country team. He is not as advanced as the athlete on the video. His mile time is 6 minutes. Is she doing core work every day? Does your DVD have information on scheduling work outs to prevent over training?

The type of high school athlete described here should not be doing Core H, but rather should follow the Eight Week General Strength progression that I wrote for Running Times.  It’s easy to follow – it’s broken into Hard Days and Easy Days, and is grouped into two week segments. [Read more…]

“I want to run faster.”

The goal of this blog is to help athletes run faster. It’s that simple. Most of the posts are educational and intended to help individuals and coaches broaden their training knowledge, then apply that knowledge to their unique training environment and training parameters.

Only a handful of the recommendations on this site fit all runners:

Now we have a one more bullet point to add to that list:

Had I learned this system that helps prevent injury and helps runners gain symmetry (anterior chain to posterior chain, left side to right side) I would have shared this years earlier. Better late than never.

In the coming days I’m going to be sharing what I’ve learned in the last couple of months as I produced a DVD called Flexibility for Runners, which features Phil Wharton. There is no doubt in my mind that if you’re an athlete and you want to run faster, you need to incorporate this work into your training. If you’re a coach who is working daily to help athletes run faster then you need to not only learn the Active Isolated Flexibility exercises, you also need to learn how to teach them to your athletes. This system is simple, once you understand it, and in just a few weeks you’ll see significant gains in flexibility, gains that you won’t see with static stretching.

For those of you who have been coming to the site hoping for a new post, Thank You for your patience.  The DVD has consumed much of my time and now that it’s finished I look forward to posting more frequently in the coming weeks.