Podcast 009 – Steve Magness

Steve Magness is not only a guest on the Run Faster Podcast, but he’s one of the speakers at the Boulder Running Clinic’s July 2015 High School Coaches clinic.

Steve is many things: A coach, scientist, author, blogger and now a podcaster.

Steve has a unique mind and the running world is lucky to have someone as passionate and objective about training design as Steve.

This is a great interview for the simple reason that Steve is full of so much good information. Enjoy.

Steve will be speaking at the Boulder Running Clinic’s 2015 July High School Coaches clinic. He’ll be presenting on ways to use science to inform cross country training and training for 800m, 1,600m and 3,200m.

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Food for a curious running mind

Just recommended four running blogs to an online client and thought I should share them with you as well.

Steve Magness’s blog: Best blend of primary research and real world training.  Here is the podcast he and I recorded.

Running Times: Best advice from a magazine on training, with good articles that are well written. Disclaimer – I’m a contributor.

Vern Gambetta’s blog:  Sage advice on coaching and training.  Here is the podcast he and I recorded.

High School Running Coach: Great HS coaches sharing their training and answering your questions on training.  I run this site and I’m so excited about it’s potential to help HS coaches help their athletes.  Join the mailing list to get the Key Workouts from our coaches – click here.

…and if you want to follow an amazing instagram on running, follow ultrarunner Scott Jurek – instagram.com/scottjurek

Sunday Morning Reads – 12.21.13

First off is an article from Steve Magness. It’s an insightful framing of the placebo effect and it’s place in running. Some interesting science in his explanation of the placebo effect in the medical world, and in this bit from Trent Stellingwerf:   “Stellingwerff brought up the fact that the effects of proven ergogenic aids don’t aggregate.  Meaning that if we get a 2% boost from caffeine, another 1% from beta alanine, and 2% from beet root juice, if we took all of them, we don’t get a 5% bump in performance.  They all act on different physiological systems, so why is there no additive effect?  The authors speculate that, they all act on a central mechanism that regulates performance…”

Second is about a shoe that represents the running shoe industry’s overcorrection (in my opinion) from the minimalist movement – the Hoka One One.  A new training tool?  Perhaps.  With all of the focus on minimalist shoes over the past few years I think looking at these shoes on a runner is simply fun.  Here is another article on shoes at the New York Marathon:

Finally, here is an article on goal setting and process orientation.  I love it and I think you’ll enjoy it too.  (Note: this is the type of article I post on my tumblr site, but it fit here as well).

Hope you’re having a great Sunday.

Thanks Skyler Cummins for helping with this week’s sampling of reads.

Sunday Morning Reads 05.05.13

Good morning. Hope you’re well.

The first read is from Steve Magness. If you don’t understand the importance of stress and your training then you don’t fully understand training theory. It’s a great read.

Here is an article I wrote on mileage. Reader’s Digest version: The more the better, yet most working adults have a ceiling for the work they can do.

I’m about done with Matt Fitzegerlad‘s book “Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel” and I’ve loved every minute of it. Great read. Here is a great article by Matt on Pose Running and Chi Running and other topics. He’s fantastic…I think we need to do a podcast with him.

Final read this week is the blog of Macklin Chaffee, a 1,500m runner I coach. I like him, he’s talented and he’s working hard to become a better runner. He broke the 3:40 barrier (barley) this past weekend at Stanford. I feel confident that he can run faster as we’ve done very little race specificity work. He will enjoy some down time at sea-level, race a road race, then come back to Boulder for some serious training.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Sunday.

Dissent makes sense

My 12″ Power PC G4 has a dictionary widget.  The definition for dissent is below.

During a long run this weekend I had a conversation with Todd Straka about the blog you’re reading.  He’s had the url BoulderRunning.com for several years and knows a great deal about running a running web site. In the course of the run two things occurred to me. First, I really like this blog because it’s forcing me to become a better coach; when someone comments it invariably forces me to analyze my approach/position on the topic at hand and at this point in my career that’s a very good thing.* I go out of my way to look for points of view that differ from mine and while I most agree with Vern Gambetta** and Steve Magness I try to read everything they write because it simply makes me think. So when you, the reader, comment, you make me a better coach and for that I think you.

And that leads me to my second thought [Read more…]