One of my favorite parts of Vince Anderson‘s interview on the Canadian Coaching Centre site is his view of peaking.  He and Head Coach Pat Henry sit the Texas A&M track team down and say, “We don’t believe in peaking. We reject that idea.”

Now, you’re likely thinking either “but I seen athletes peak and I know it can happen” or “these are sprint coaches and there is no reason to think that their reality is the reality of distance coaches and distance runners.” Jim Gerweck, one of the editors at Running Times, was kind enough to comment on the last post regarding his experience with Arthur Lydiard‘s book Run to the Top and how it helped his HS team peak.

Vince Anderson knows what he’s talking about; Jim Gerweck knows what he’s talking about; on the issue of peaking they have vastly different opinions.

Bear Peak. Photo courtesy of BoulderRunner,

My opinion? “It depends.” Or, to use an analogy, there are three peaks on the west side of Boulder Colorado: [Read more…]