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Warm-up for Doubling

Warm-up for Doubling

One of the biggest questions coaches and athletes have during the track season is what to do to properly warm-up when the athlete is running two races. Great question! 

After they finish the first race of the day, the athlete should take 10-15 minutes until they feel mostly back to normal. They can choose to jog for 2-3 minutes, though this isn’t necessary. What is necessary is the following mobility work, to ensure their body is ready for the next race. If you don’t know what the following exercises are simply read the entire to learn how to access videos that show each exercise. 

  1. Quick Mobility Routine
    •  Iron cross x 10 – do this a bit slower than normal 
    •  Low whips x 5 each leg – again, do this a bit slower than normal 
    •  Groiners x 5 each leg 
    •  Reach under/up x 5 each side 
    •  Cat-Cow x 5 cycles 
    •  Stand up and do side bends – 5 for each side. 

That’s it! Now it’s time to hydrate, and depending on the length of time until the next race, possibly refuel. 

2. Adjusted Jeff Boelé Warm-Up for Doubling

For 20m, do the following:

  • Skips w/ arms forward 
  • Skips w/ arms backward
  • Skips w/ arms crossing 
  • Skips w/ twist 
  • Backward walk w/ reach 
  • Backward skip 
  • Butt Kicks
  • Side Jumping Jacks
  • Carioca

Now move to a wall or fence…

  • Leg Swings – front/side
  • Hurdle Trail Leg – forward/back 
  • Eagles
  • Side bends – L/R

Move to the ground…

  • Camel/old horse
  • Cat/Cobra
  • Reach under/up
  • Fire hydrant
  • Donkey kick
  • Low whips 

Finally, for 10m…

  • A March
  • A Skip
  • A March
  • A Skip

We’re doing the A march and skip twice, and taking out the B march and skip, for two reasons. First, we need to get focused for the race, and doing a technical aspect like skipping is great. But the hamstrings may be tight from the first race so we’ll keep those out. That said if the athlete never has hamstring issues you can replace the second A march and skip combination with B march and B skip.

3. Strides

Athletes can do a 5-minute jog, if they want to, but this is not necessary. After they put on their spikes, they’ll run:

  1. 2 x 150m In-n-out with middle 50m at 92 percent, 94 percent.
  2. Strides at goal pace:  
  •  1600m: 2 x 100m with a run-in at goal pace.  
  •  3200m: 2-3 x 100m with a run-in at goal pace. 
  •  800m: One more 150m In-n-out at 96 percent. You could possibly do 80m from a standing start in lane 6, 7, or 8 to replicate the start of the race, but that’s not necessary.  
  •  400m: 1 x 150m In-n-out at 96 percent, for an older athlete. Make sure there are several minutes between the end of this rep and the race.

Following the race, you’ll repeat the Quick Mobility Routine.

“So where do I find all of these exercises?”

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Strength and Mobility videos can be found here. Go to “Strength and Mobility - SAM - Phase 2 Easy” to see the following.

Low whips are called “Donkey whips” - 2:17 mark 

Iron cross - 3:03 mark

Groiners x 5 each leg - 3:38