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NXR and Footlocker Training Plans

Here’s what you should do after your last in-season meet to get ready for NXR or Footlocker 

If you’re running a post-season race – either NXR or a Footlocker regional race – you want to do everything you can to race well. 

The problem is most runners try to get back to “normal” training after their last in-season meet. That’s not the best idea.  

Why? Two reasons. 

1. You’re...

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10 Keys for Great XC Races in October and November


If you’re a serious high school XC runner, then you’re no doubt excited to have your best races of the year in October and November.


Here are ten keys to remember that will help you race to your fitness level in the biggest meets of the year.


1. You Don’t Need an A+ Race

If you want to help your team advance to the next meet, or to place high at the state meet, you don’t need an A+ race. You simply...

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