$95.00 USD

Mental Skills for High School Runners

Get the mental skills your athletes need to race to their fitness level

  • 16 Presentations and Interviews
  • 14 hours of video content   
  • Visualization techniques to help athletes respond in races and make competitive moves 
  • Mental plans to help athletes race to their fitness level
  • Guided visualizations coaches can use with their teams 

Lifetime access and a 10-day money-back guarantee

What People Are Saying:

This is an excellent course which adds more tools to my coaching toolbelt, well worth the money.

Brian Crigger

As a coach I found the course to be a great value. There were so many things I was able to take away that I know will help my athletes going forward. Helping athletes work on their mental skills is a very important and challenging part of the job and having this resource has really made a difference.

Austin O'Hare